Opening Hours

Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 23:00 - 4:00
Friday 23:00 - 7:00
Saturday 23:00 - 7:00
Sunday 23:00 - 4:00

Note: The opening hours may differ depending on the event.

When no event is announced we might be closed, please check our social platforms


Club John Doe
Rembrandtplein 31
1017CT Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Rules and regulations of club john doe

  • The minimum age of our visitors must be at least 18 years old, unless stated differently.
  • When in doubt, visitors might be asked for documents required for proof of identity and age with a photo identification. If identification can not be presented, access will be denied.
  • A visitor’s clothing and footwear must be neat and tidy as well as consistent with dress codes of the nightclub or a themed evening. Visitors wearing sports clothing and athletic shoes will not be admitted to John Doe.
  • When entering John Doe, one knowingly agrees to a possible body search (frisking), inspection of handbags and passing a metal detector wand. If cooperation is refused, access can be denied.
  • It is not allowed to bring in beverages and/or food from outside the club.
  • Visitors visibly under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will be denied access.
  • Large groups of men or women, bachelor parties or other atmosphere-disrupting groups will be denied access.
  • Visitors have to pay an entrance fee at the cash register, unless stated differently.
  • Decent behavior is a basic principle. John Doe expects a tolerant and positive mentality from its visitors towards other guests and its staff present at the club, no matter what ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual nature, religion, musical preference or age they might have. Aggressiveness, violence, homophobic behavior and other intruding behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Dealing and possession of weapons and/or drugs is not allowed. Any discovered weapons and/or drugs will be confiscated and handed over the police which leads to the denial of access.
  • Smoking is not allowed, except in the smoking area inside the club.
  • Drinks can only be consumed inside the club.
  • The use of the wardrobe service is required. The club is not liable for personal belongings left and missing in clothing items at the club.
  • A visitor, who has lost his/her coat check tag, will get his his/her clothing back only after all visitors have left the club.
  • The management is not responsible for lost and/or stolen objects.
  • Once visitors enter the club, they have to party in a civilized manner. Bouncers inside the club stay in check about the behaviors of the club-visitors and are known to interfere those who are too drunk, making a scene or serve as a threat to someone's safety or privacy.
  • In case of damage incurred to John Doe its property, other visitors property and/or health, a visitor shall be held liable and result in legal procedures.
  • Club John Doe premises are monitored by 24 hour video surveillance
  • Violation of our house rules will lead to disposal.
  • Wardrobe Regulations

  • Use of the wardrobe is at own risk of the user. Part 9 of book 7 of the civil code regarding “custody: does not apply to the agreements between Club John Doe and user of the wardrobe.
  • Usage of the wardrobe is free. Items which have content with a value of more than 150 euro should not be placed in custody and Club John Doe accepts no liability for lost or damaged items.
  • Club John Doe is entitled to check the contents of an item. Club John Doe reserves the right to refuse expensive, too large or unusual items or items with a possible prohibited, dangerous or questionable content. Customer indemnifies Club John Doe for damage caused by the (content of) items that are placed in safekeeping.
  • Per deposited item a receipt is provided. Return of items is only made upon presentation of the receipt to a wardrobe employee of Club John Doe. The same applies to the temporary return of items. In the latter case, only a new receipt issued against payment of € 1 per item.
  • If you lose your receipt Club John Doe will, after closing or at the end of the event, efforts to find that item. If no receipt can be shown, Club John Doe is not liable in any way for the consequences.
  • Obviously Club John Doe will endeavor to guard and give back all items that are placed in custody. Club John Doe cannot guarantee that items will at all times be returned (nor guarantee that they are returned in the same state).
  • Club John Doe is not liable for damage to the user items, except for damage caused by intent or gross negligence by itself or its employees. Liability for indirect or consequential damages is excluded. The liability of Club John Doe is at all times limited to € 50 per deposited item (including its content).